A Spanish Treasure Hunt

Mallorca’s reputation today as a jasmine-scented, jet-set paradise can make it hard to swallow tales of the Spanish island’s formerly hardscrabble history. Frederic Chopin, who spent the winter of 1838 on the island with his then paramour, George Sand, nearly froze to death there.


Madrid to host UN climate summit after Chile pulls out

Event will take place from 2-13 December as planned after Spain intervenes to save talks. The world’s governments will meet in Madrid this December to discuss the climate emergency, it has been confirmed, after a last-minute intervention by the Spanish government to save the talks.

Jews apply Spanish citizenship

132,000 descendants of expelled Jews apply for Spanish citizenship

More than 132,000 descendants of the Jews expelled from Spain in the late 15th century have applied for Spanish citizenship under a law intended to make amends for the mass exile. The law, introduced four years ago, was designed to atone for the “historical wrong” that saw the country’s Jewish community expelled, forced to convert to Catholicism or burned at the stake.

Beckham Law relocate to Spain work

Are you planning to relocate to Spain for work reasons? Then you may be interested in the Beckham Law

Beckham Law states that employees who establish residence for tax purposes in Spain as a result of their relocation may opt to pay Non-Resident Income Tax. This special taxation regime, which is only applied for a period of six years, has its requirements and is applicable to employees only, as a result of an employment contract with an employer in Spain, in accordance with articles 113 to 120 of the Personal Income Tax Regulation.